Multitasking. Does it really work?


multitasking in our life - live English class

Live English conversation class. Level: Pre Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1).

The modern life is like a rapid stream. To be able to accomplish everything planned for the day, it would be essential to have a couple of extra hours. Unfortunately, this is hardly possible, but to obtain a skill of multitasking is quite real.

The term multitasking has been around for a long time, although some of you may not be familiar with it yet. In short, it is the ability to do several things at the same time, for example, learn English, cook dinner, watch your favorite TV series, and chat with friends on social media. The set and number of things you are trying to do simultaneously can be different. The main thing is to do them on time. This is where some concerns arise. Is it possible to do several things good enough, especially if they are related to your work? Some would answer yes to this question, while others deny.

What do you think? Does multitasking work for you? Do you have the ability to accomplish several things working on them simultaneously?

Register for our online conversation English meeting to share your opinion on this issue. Traditionally, the lesson will be held as a live communication between the participants. We will learn some useful words and expressions mastering our speaking skills. If your goal is to speak English confidently, you will definitely benefit from the participation.

See you online!

Participation is free. We appriciate your donations.

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