Business English live class

business english live class

Join our live online business English lessons aimed at developing your communication skills. On our classes, we discuss topics related to work and business environment, learn up-to-date vocabulary, practicing English in a small group.

Goals and objectives: enrich active vocabulary, gain new knowledge, speak English.

Learn and practice English with us. It's an easy and fun way to improve your English for career, business, travel and other purposes.

See you online!

About the live class tutor

Hello, dear friends!

My name is Alena. I am a professional English tutor.

Join my lesson to communicate in English in a relaxed environment. I will take care of the friendly atmosphere and interesting assignments.

What awaits you during our online meeting?

Games, discussions, real practice and a lot of communication.

Have a question? Write or call me.

Mobile: +375-33-6107972 (Viber, Telegram)

Instagram @_cup_of_english

Extra information on the class

When: Wednesday, 19.30 (MSK).
Platform: Google Meet.
Live class link:
Level: Pre-Intermediate +
Price: 800RUB.

Upcoming lesson materials

Ask Info 800.00 R 1 hour