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online English speaking club

Let us invite you to join the conversation meetings of our English-speaking club – EngUse (English in use).

Our online English club is a great tool for practicing and developing communication skills. Regardless of your reason for learning English (work, business, travel, looking for a partner) and your experience as a speaker (six months, a year or whole of your life), you will benefit from the participation.

Some of you will refresh their vocabulary, others will gain confidence in communication or improve their English speaking skills in general.

Our club sessions are held in the format of a structured discussion, debate on a given topic and a natural conversation. Check out the  upcoming meetings list to choose the right event for yourself.

The suitable level of participants is pre-intermediate and above.

For participation you need to book a place by selecting event date in the calendar.

The cost of one visit is 400 RUB. You can also purchase a package for several meetings.

EngUse club timetable

Day of the week: Wensday.
Spec: Business English.
Start: 19.30 МSК
Online meeting link:

Day of the week: Thursday
Spec: Conversational English.
Start: 19.00 MSK
Online meeting link:

Day of the week: Saturday.
Spec: Alena Sakovich English speaking club.
Start: 10.00 MSK
Online meeting link:

Day of the week: Sunday.
Spec: Andrew Ignashev Sunday club.
Start: 19.00 MSK
Online meeting link:

Extra info

Platform: Google Meet.
Level: Pre-Intermediate Plus.
Cost: 400RUB.
Conact us via Telegram: alexenguse

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Enguse conversation club moderators

Alena Sakovich
English tutor, motivational coach, psychologist.

live online English speaking club moderator Alena Sakovich
Andrey Ignashev
Simultaneous interpreter, organizer of business forums. online English speaking club moderator Andrey Ignashev
Freelance interpreter, IT specialist and copywriter. Enguse live club moderator Alexander

Booking a ticket for EngUse club online meeting.

To book your ticket, select a day and free time in the calendar and click the BOOK NOW button.
Ask Info 400.00 R 1 hour