The reality of learning English on social media

Oh, those social media. You can find everything there ... But let’s talk about something specific – the groups for learning English.

This is certainly a good thing, because tons (in terms of digital format - gigabytes) of useful information is published there: textbooks and manuals, vocabulary and grammar, audio and video, quizzes and other stuff. Generally speaking, they offer a wide choice of everything just like a decent hypermarket. And yes, you don’t have to pay for the content.

How oftern do you use your English?

Each of us has his own history of relationships with foreign languages. Mainly, we studied English, German or French at school, took courses or private lessons. Someone has already benefited from learning English, while others are just planning to start.

What would you answer to the "Do you speak English?" question.

I have always been in love with English. I was looking forward to the English lessons at school. It’s not that I had outstanding language skills ... probably quite average. I think my English teacher added me half a point or even a point for my diligence. Of course, she saw that I wanted to have a solid A, although, to be honest, I did not deserve.