Conversational English live class

conversational english live class

This series of live online conversational English lessons is aimed at a wide range of people who want to refresh their English for daily communication.

The lessons are based on the realistic dialogues voiced by native speakers. The dialogues cover a wide range of topics such as acquaintance, family, work, leisure, shopping, and more.

Each lesson has a grammar section. In a concise and easy to understand manner, it explains the use of a particular rule.

During the lesson we practice all aspects of the English language: listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

The lesson assumes a participant go through the educational materials prior to its start.

The task of the tutor is to correct pronunciation and sentence construction, explain some unclear aspects and practice new words and expressions.

Several people can take part in the lesson at the same time.

About the live class tutor

Alexander. Freelance interpreter, IT specialist and copywriter.

I have extensive experience of communicating in English as a guide, interpreter and conversation clubs moderator. I am here to share my knowledge with everyone wishing to speak English confidently.

My knowledge of English is based soloely on practice. For my classes I choose the most relevant vocabulary. I teach only what is necessary for real communication, saving my and your time.

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Extra information on the class

Days of the week: Thursaday.

Time: 19.00 (MSK).

Duration: 60 min.

Platform: Google Meet.

Live class link:

Level: Pre-Intermediate and above.

Price: 400 RUB.

Upcoming lesson materials

Ask Info 400.00 R 1 hour