Living with risk. Lifestyle or addiction?


There are people who deliberately endanger their lives. Perhaps, there is a thrill-seeker in your circle as well. This kind of individuals get excited with motorcycle or sports car racing, jumping from a height, kayaking down the mountain rivers, exploring a city underground infrastructure and scuba diving.

As a person who does not share such interests, I still want to understand what drives the extremals? Is it really a conscious choice or some kind of addiction that they cannot resist? For sure, you have your own ideas on this issue.

We are inviting you to take part in a conversation meeting of our English speaking club, which is based on live communication, discussion and real speaking practice.

Recommended level of English: B1-B2.

Event Details

Starts on:21/11/2021 19:00 MSK time
Ends on:21/11/2021 20:00 MSK time