Human life cycle


human life cycle online meeting for practcing English

EngUse live online English conversation meeting. Level: Pre Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1).

All people are uniqe. However, there is something that unites us. We all go through the same lifelong journey. From the infancy to the old age, we study, work, create families and gain experience so that at some point we can share it with our relatives, friends and just casual but kind people.

Some experience in talking about human life stages can be useful in various situations, like meeting new people, job interviews, and many others.

During the online meeting, we will look at our biological cycle in terms of spoken English. The training session will be organized in the form of a live dialogue, helping you to refresh and enrich your vocabulary and boost your confidence speaking on the topic.

You are welcome to join our English-speaking club, where we practice English in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Event Details

Starts on:14/10/2021 19:00 MSK time
Ends on:14/10/2021 20:00 MSK time