How to find a dream job


how to find a job of your dream - live English class

Business English practice online. Level: Pre Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1).

According to surveys, about 60% of people in the world don't like their jobs. It's a sad number, because we spend most of our life working. Besides, the quality of our life and attitude to the society depends on the  satisfaction with our work.

On our live online English club we will  discuss, how to find your favourite job and enjoy it. Using special coaching techniques we will try to recollect our childhood talents and help each other find the path to follow. We will do it in a relaxed and friendly environment. Сommunication in a group is a wondetful speaking practise.  Gaming approach we use at our live English classes will help you feel comfortable and break the language barrier. Everybody will start speaking! We've checked.

We are inviting everyone to join our meeting. You will not only improve your English speaking skills, but also meet new people from other countries and cities. Isn't it awesome?

Event Details

Starts on:09/02/2021 19:30 MSK time
Ends on:09/02/2021 20:30 MSK time