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When was the last time you had a conversation in English?

how often do you speak english
How oftern do you use your English?

Each of us has his own history of relationships with foreign languages. Mainly, we studied English, German or French at school, took courses or private lessons. Someone has already benefited from learning English, while others are just planning to start.

Ok, but what do you think unites those who have ever had some experience of learning English? If you think about numerous groups on VK or Facebook, you are only partly right.

In fact, all English learners are united by the mere absence or lack of real conversation practice. Trust my experience, grammar, catchwords and expressions, funny rhymes and songs that you learned on your English lessons will not help you in a real-life situation.

The reality is harsh but fair. If you practice English at least several times a week, you develop natural speaking skills. Well, things may not go smoothly in terms of pronunciation and occasionally some words and expressions will “fly out” of your head. This should not embarrass or frighten you. Think of how foreigners speak your native language.

The thing is when you speak, you automate the sentence building processes. Why do we speak our mother language fluently and confidently? It’s not because we know grammar, but because we use it every day. In a way, we have activated the autopilot mode.

This is a simple truth. If you want to speak English confidently, you need to practice it. You don't have to do it every day. Several times a week is usually enough.

All what you need is motivation and a bit of free time. And our team will help you with the rest. Our English conversation classes are held as a live communication between the participants and the tutor. This is a kind of online English conversation club. Here everyone can get real conversation practice, meet interesting people from other countries and learn English from home.