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Is it possible to learn English on social media?

learning English on social media
The reality of learning English on social media

Oh, those social media. You can find everything there ... But let’s talk about something specific – the groups for learning English.

This is certainly a good thing, because tons (in terms of digital format - gigabytes) of useful information is published there: textbooks and manuals, vocabulary and grammar, audio and video, quizzes and other stuff. Generally speaking, they offer a wide choice of everything just like a decent hypermarket. And yes, you don’t have to pay for the content.

To be honest, I also visit such resources from time to time. But let me ask you a question. Is it really possible to master English subscribing to one or several of these channels?

Talking to people who had been on such groups for more than a year, I did not notice much progress in their spoken English. Yes, they can understand some English based on a quite limited vocabulary, but the problem is ... when it comes to a natural conversation and you are supposed to speak out on random topics, the moment of truth comes.

It turns out that English is not as simple as it seems. There comes understanding that speaking English is a separate skill requiring training, like biceps and triceps. After all, we go to fitness clubs and swimming pools, run in the mornings, ride bicycles to stay in good shape. Good English requires the same efforts.

Social media give us a lot of interesting and useful information, but on the other hand, they form a false idea about learning English. It looks like if we scroll through funny pictures with humorous captions, listen to podcasts and watch videos, we can answer the question “Do you speak English” with a confident “Yes, I do”.

But that’s not the case! In order to speak English, you need to speak it. As simple as that. And there is nothing to be afraid of here. At least, it’s not that scary 😊 .The main thing is to start the process.

How can you do it? Join our live English classes, which are held as online meetings for a small group of participants. We will help you overcome the language barrier and show that communicating in English can be exciting and interesting.

See you online!